Sticky's - The Sauce

The Situation

Sticky's partnered with SLAM - one of basketballs most iconic media platforms to create a digital content series featuring NBA Hall of Famer, Gary Payton, amongst other basketball influencers.

Sticky's Finger Joint
November 2019

Let's Talk Basketball

To bring The Sauce to life, we started the series with episodes revolving around everything basketball. With Gary Payton leading the way, the guests discussed and debated everything from who's hot and who's not, how the game has evolved since the 90's and earlier, and what distractions those playing today face versus what was more common years ago.

It's All About Maximizing

With one full production day, we were able to capture 4 full 15:00 episodes, and an additional 30 pieces of high quality social content. In addition, each influencer and guest was provided custom edit content specific to their social channels to maximize reach, increase impressions, and help spread the word of the new content series.