HFactor Water

The Situation

HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water was a new introduction to the beverage space given its molecular infusion. The question became, "How do we position HFactor as THE beverage choice for those who demand more from their water?". We strategically positioned the brand to penetrate the fitness space, while leading with product benefit messaging and education around the science behind it.

HFactor Water
January 2019

Educate, educate, educate.

"But doesn't water already have Hydrogen in it... as in H20?". The most commonly asked question (rightfully so), had to be addressed and reiterated over and over to remove any speculation. The additional molecular hydrogen infused into the water is free flowing - meaning your body can absorb it and reap all its benefits. The best part is there are over a thousand scientific papers on the benefits of hydrogen infused water.

Social Media

We leveraged both organic and paid social to be the epicenter of the brand voice. With high end custom content, witty ways to drive education, and truly engaging videos, we helped grow the brands following and catapult ecommerce sales.


Five Eighty redesigned the HFactor website to further create a seamless experience across all marketing channels.