Allstar Innovations

The Situation

Allstar Innovations brought you the Snuggie, the Simply Fit Board, and the Calming Comfort Blanket to name just a few. They are so busy building new viral products that they needed to dust off their own brand and reinvigorate their outward facing messaging. Five Eighty worked closely with the employees of Allstar to really find out what drives them, why they love what they do, and bring that message to life for potential new partners to get a feel for who they are and what they do.

Allstar Innovations
July 2019

It's the People

What better way to tell the Allstar story than with the people that work and live the brand every day? The Allstar Innovations corporate video embodies what the company is all about and how their values are shared companywide, regardless of tite or rank.

New Website

Allstar Innovations was in need of a website update that put mobile first, while also telling their story in an engaging way. We developed a streamlined web experience that functions as the Allstar voice, featuring the brand video, and deep diving into what and how they bring so many amazing new products to market year after year.