packaging design

Virgil's Zero Sugar gets a refreshingly healthy makeover

Lineup of all flavors of Virgil's zero sugar soda
Comparison of the old can vs. the new packaging
Still zero calories, but now zero confusion
Virgil's faced a looming problem as the portfolio of craft sodas grew — the difference between zero sugar and full sugar packaging wasn't so clear. So, we gave the zero sugar portfolio a refreshed look with its own unique qualities that scream 'light' on calories but full of taste.
Various design elements for the grapefruit soda flavor
The design science
Organic Illustrations: loose linework with rich color alludes to the all-natural ingredients.

Wood Texture: base wood texture is a nod to Virgil's iconic barrel imagery and positions the zero sugar lineup as a close cousin rather than a sibling.

Clouds: the light blue sky and clouds remain true to the Virgil's portfolio, uniting the family of products while evoking joy and signaling the product is crisp and refreshing.
Illustration of root beer
Illustration of Vanilla
Illustration of grapefruit
Illustration of black cherry
Illustration of lemon lime
Illustration of cola
Illustration of fresh ginger
Illustration of fresh oranges
Illustration of cherries, cinnamon, and raspberries