digital + content + retail media

We transformed how Proximo partners with retailers

We sought to close a gap in the brand experience
With some of the world’s most iconic spirits brands, Proximo had a lot of pull at shelf. However, there were some untapped opportunities for the brands online presence through various digital content placement and retail media.
It all started with the content
We knew that feeding these digital opportunities was going to require a robust library of content optimized specifically for this purpose across key consumption occasions. So, we captured various content across 10 brands, resulting in hundred of pieces of unique digital content that actually works.
Gran Centenario Tequila sitting on a bar cart
Proper Twelve Whisky on table with holiday gifting thematic
Kraken rum outside in a summer grilling scene
1800 Tequila with premium cocktails with grapefruit garnish
Email blast and drizly ad featuring 1800 Tequila
Digital and physical shelves were united
From ecomm to pre-store, Proximo's digital shelf never looked so appealing. Given the flexible nature of the content and its focus across key retail selling periods and occasions, the library provided endless options for placement.
Taking the momentum into phase two
With a solid foundation established for the content library, we will move into a phase 2 capture which includes video content and captivating recipe collections.
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