We made heat safety cool in an effort to help save lives

100% of heat related illnesses are preventable
Heat is the nation's leading weather-related killer, and yet it's totally preventable. So, the National Heat Safety Coalition was created when Mission teamed up with the Kory Stringer Institute in an effort to spread awareness, combat heat related injuries, and ultimately save lives.
To get started, the cause needed a brand
We set out to brand the cause in a way that design wouldn't distract from the core meaning and the gravity of the situation would remain the focus. We defined heat through a saturated and warm color palette, purposely making it as disruptive as the situation at hand.
NHSC branded elements laid flat on a white background
The Heat Safety Center Logo
Then, the Heat Safety Center is born at retail
MISSION invested in media across key marketing channels to drive awareness and conversion in-store at the Heat Safety Center retail destination. The NHSC also activated additional marketing channels during key time periods along with Target specific media.
Target retail media examples
NHSC Retail Media
To drive further awareness pre-store, select retailer media was focused on demonstrating the issue and how these products could help prevent heat-related illness.
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