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We made choosing a whiskey easy for 4 years running

Various whiskey bottles and ingredients laying on white background
If whiskey could talk... we wouldn’t need this campaign
With an overwhelming number of options to choose from, shopping for whiskey became intimidating and chaotic. What’s the difference between this bottle or the next? And what does worn leather with a heavy finish taste like anyway?
We reimagined whiskey education
The campaign connected everything from pre-store and digital engagement with the brands to in-store portfolio display fixtures that brought the whiskey voices to life highlighting key drinking occasions, relatable tasting notes, easy whiskey cocktails, and even offers... in case that’s what you’re after.
Mobile phone experience of Proper 12 whisky
Every brand voiced its own personality and vibe
Engaging content gave every whiskey a voice, which told customers a little bit about the brand, the ideal consumption occasions, and of course simple whiskey cocktails they could make at home with just a few ingredients.
The campaign enters its 4th straight year
Due to the success of the portfolio program and its ability to secure incremental floor space as well as drive visibility for the challenger brands, the campaign enters its 4th consecutive year building upon its momentum and instilling confidence in the physical and digital whiskey aisle.
Animated snow in front of a log cabin
Concert with crowd
Campfire on a ranch at night
Friends sharing TINCUP whiskey on a mountain
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